A More Comfortable Experience for Patients

The innovative AeroCath is a drainage kit for nasal surgery designed to both aid the surgeon and patient in nasal and sinus procedures and eliminates the need for nasal packing, improving recovery time and with minimal trauma.

What is AeroCath?

AeroCath combines an airway tube with an inflatable cuff and a drainage tube with open cell foam, which is connected to a manual suction bulb.

The airway tube allows you to breathe through your nose immediately after the procedure. The inflatable cuff ensures that AeroCath is kept in the correct position and stops any fluid and blood from travelling into your throat and into your gastrointestinal tract, which is a common cause of nausea.

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The Ultimate Solution

AeroCath combines an airway tube with inflatable cuff, a drainage tube with open cell foam, which can be connected to a suction source during procedure and can then be connected to the supplied manual suction bulb for post-procedure suction and drainage.

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Improved Surgeon’s View

The incorporated open cell foam enables continuous drainage of intranasal bleeding, giving the surgeon a better view of the surgical field and reduces procedure time.

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Increased Patient Comfort

Patients are able to breathe through AeroCath’s airway tube immediately following surgery. Eliminates nausea associated with blood and fluid drip. No nasal packing to insert or remove.

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The Best Experience

With AeroCath, nasal surgery is made more comfortable as the Patient can breathe through their nose immediately following the procedure with the airway tube. AeroCath eliminates the need for nasal packing so there is no packing placed in your nose and none to be removed post-operatively.

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Patient Testimonials

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AeroCath Tips

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Your Procedure

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The Benefits

Why do surgeons and patients love AeroCath?

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